Get your winning edge

Innovating a necessary relationship

By utilizing the latest Automation and AI technologies, we have revolutionized the old Lender/Insurance Agent relationship. Old Lender/Agent relationships may have been verbally good. Still, they stopped abruptly after the closing date, leaving the client in the dark. Aside from lack of ongoing client experience, Lenders had no consistent way of referring to Agents built into their process. Likewise, Insurance Agents had no way of using data and technology to help Lenders close the back door, with saving a prior client’s new loan needs. We have solved that problem by going beyond and assisting lenders in maintaining their client relationships and growing their business.

Key benefits of partnership

gain a team member

Strengthen client relationships. We are part of your team and focus on your client's experience.


After the loan closes, we help you maintain and grow your client relationships.

Ignite Your Growth

Tap into a clear and focused system, to save your clients from other lenders! Get referrals and reviews.


How We help

Close The Back Door

Keep the business that you have already earned!

You have worked hard to get new clients, and you already have most of their information. Don’t leave the door open and lose a Refinance or New Purchase Loan. We slam your back door closed by informing you the minute a mortgage change is requested for your clients.

Generate Referrals

Get the referrals you deserve.

You know client referrals are most profitable, and that they have the highest close rate.  The problem is, you probably don’t have a good process for asking, or you are just too busy, and forget to ask.  Of course, you are already getting some referrals, but we can help you get the ones that fall through the cracks.  We are effective in our process of asking, on your behalf, and it’s easy for us to create a “team feeling”, in an effort to bring awareness to you.  People want to help people who helped them!

Grow Your Business

Get Zillow, Yelp, or Google My Business Reviews.

During our new client onboarding, we elegantly work with your clients to get you reviews on your platform of choice.  Over time, online reviews become a powerhouse of new opportunities and significantly impact your new client acquisition.  We typically find that your competition isn’t doing anything substantial, which makes it easy for us to get you front and center.

Stay Top of Mind

Stand out among the competition.

You have already done the work to build up your network, now it’s time to reap what you have sown.  Our automation is optimized in probable timing with relevant content to keep you top of your client’s mind.  So, when they become in need of a new loan, you are their first thought and we make sure that they always have your contact information.

How it works

1. we make it real simple

Submit your Client to us through your Custom Form


Along with an unforgettable experience and advice


Evidence of Insurance is sent correct and immediate.


We get to work for you! You close the back door, keep the business that you have already earned, get more referrals, get reviews that grow your business, and create a client experience that makes you unforgettable.


Lenders and the Insurance Agents are both under attack by direct markets (National Lenders) and big partnerships (Insurance Companies).  The presence of direct markets is going to increase,  and big partnerships are getting stronger.  The direct markets are continuously spending more on marketing, and big partnerships are sharing our client’s data, then using it against us to steal our client’s reoccurring business.  This results in a significant loss of our income.

Direct markets and big partnerships are getting better at persuading the consumer that their service is easier, and will save them time and money.  It’s very compelling, as we all want that, don’t we?  But what’s missing?  The very thing that creates the ability to save our clients time and money:  Market Choice and Professional Advice. Combining Market Choice with Professional Advice is how clients discover our true value.  A relationship built on trust, and reinforced over time, is where our reoccurring business and referrals are born.

By working together and combining effective technology, we change the direction that has been set for our demise.  Now, we set our own direction and deliver an unforgettable client experience, creating relationships that grow over time.   We keep the reoccurring business that we have already earned and enjoy abundant client referrals.  Are you ready?

What our customers have to say

Amazing service and we are so thankful for Sully for his help reviewing our home owners insurance policies. My brother and I were looking at refinancing our home when our broker mentioned that we are paying more than what we should be. She referred us to Sully and we are so glad she did. Sully was extremely professional, attentive, quick and most of all saved us a good deal of money on our policies. We highly recommend using Sully for your insurance needs at Breathe Insurance Solutions. He will not disappoint! Thank you, Sully!
Mark and Matthew Mirtahami